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Bindrune pendants. An unusual yet inexpensive gift

Bindrune meaning - Protect home and land

Cherry wood bindrune -Elk sedge/E?el -Protection of home & Land

I have gathered together several historically authentic protective bindrune designs which I now offer.

I can also create individual bindrunes if needed.Just let me know what you want by using the contact form.

These simple runic signs are combined to create further runes and the cutting or burning of them was

considered an art in itself as recorded in the Icelandic sagas.

As a simple personal gift these wooden tokens have more meaning than their appearance suggests.This one formed from Elk Sedge and Eðel offers protection of home and ancestral land

They are made from seasoned wood which is polished and preserved with linseed oil they hang on black waxen cord.

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Fantasy Artwork by Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor went to Ravenswood School in Kent with, amongst others, David Bowie and Peter Frampton.

He enjoyed his time in the very first specialised school-based art form from where he progressed to study fine art at Croydon College Of Art.

His paintings have been internationally exhibited and featured on BBC programmes such as Country Tracks and The One Show.He has recently had his work displayed in a feature article in 'Pagan Dawn' magazine.

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