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Sutton Hoo Eagle in 24 carat gold, Pewter pendants, Drinking Horns and T Shirts

New 'dark age' heavy metal items coming!





*T shirts exclusive to Wyrdart and designed under copyright with the Englisc folk community in mind- Join the shieldwall and make a statement.


All the designs are waterfast and are printed on good quality cotton. Sizes: small 32-36", large 41 - 43" and extra large 44-46". Please state with your order. Colours available as shown.The shaped T shirt comes up small so make an allowance for this!Due to postage costs we can only supply customers in England and the rest of the British Isles.

Please allow 5 days for delivery(UK*)



Rædwald's Shield. Wall decoration Shield Wall decoration
Eagle in 24 carat gold leaf on leather mount.

I have long admired the exquisite craftsmanship and almost superhuman detail displayed in this piece.This respect for our ancestor's skill grew still further as I formed the sculpted model replica of the 'gripping beast' on the shield. The decoration is covered in 24 carat gold leaf to echo the solid gold of the 7th century original at Sutton Hoo. I then mounted this design on ox blood dyed leather  ( thus imitating the shield from the ship burial)

In the symbology of the Early English,birds of the battlefield included Eagles and Ravens which were often shown in high status weaponry and also on shields.

This is my personal tribute to Raedwald and to the ancient mythology which deserves to be kept alive. Size of wall decoration is 11.5 inches (27cms). Eagle design 6.5 x 6 inches (15 x 17cms)

Includes p&p


Silver Pewter Thunor's Hammer
A unique casting based on the Gilton,Kent original.6th century

It has long been assumed that the 'Vikings' brought the amulet known as Thor's hammer to England.

However this hammer was part of a find made in Gilton, Kent and dates to the 6th century, which predates the Norse raids by three hundred years.

The hammer shown is based on this early find. It is 3" in length ( 8 cms) and made of polished silver pewter with a strong waxed cord ( 3mm thick).

It would make a great gift for a heathen friend.


Includes p&p


NEW! 'Wolfshead Fyrdsman' warrior class T shirt
This item is available In ENGLAND & UK only

This design looks out to a future in which a growing outlaw (wolfshead) army (fyrd) of Englisc warriors honour the heroic ancestors of the angelcynn .

The two sacred runes of Tiw - courage and protection and eðel -the ancestral land are shown within the design.

Beautifully screen-printed in Kent on a lightweight black cotton shirt.

PRICE (inc p&p)UK only


Drinc hael! Join your ancestors,celebrate in Old English style!

These meadhorns are beautifully marked and every one is unique.The horns shown are examples and the colours may differ-but all are fine quality.They measure roughly 13"(34cms) round the outside curve of the horn and hold about a pint. Due to them being natural horns they vary a little in width but each one is beautifully marked 

Price including p&p


DRINKING HORN WITH MID-TAN leather rune branded holder
Drinking on the move-it hangs on a belt!

These meadhorns measure about 13" ( 34cms) on ther outer curve and are beautifully marked and every one is unique. They hold about a pint.

They are highly polished and the finish includes treatment within using a taste-free coating which makes them great vessels for receiving either ale or mead.

The holders are designed to hang on a belt (or wall) and are in sturdy mid- tan leather and have Defence of Ancestral Land runes branded onto them.

Price including p&p


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