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 Haelsa Mark,
...It's important 
to remember that I've no experience of any kind with runes, but these
are beautiful, and what is more they must be something close to what
was used originally. I've a book or two on the subject so I'll be reading up on this. I also like the idea of 're-linseeding' my rune tablets.
Traditionally linseed oil was used to maintain cricket bats. What could be more English? :)          

Antony G. Manchester


" Thank you so much for the wonderful painting.It's going to be hard relinquishing it...It's so odd that you included a May Queen ceremony, plus the church, because both these subjects are relevant to H's earlier life". -

Marian and Gordon L. Leicestershire, England. (The picture was a gift for their daughter who now lives in Australia.)


" I really love this picture as every time I look at it I seem to find something else in it.."

Mr J. Street, Kent, England.


"Everyone keeps asking me", "Who painted that mysterious picture","Then they keep finding things in it,the same as I do!"

Harriet G, Hereford, England.


"Many thanks for donating this picture"

'The Olive Tree' charity . Crawley, W.Sussex

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